Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kindergarten Homework - Week 30 Nutrition

Complete each activity. Remember, challenges are optional.
It is also recommended that you read to your child often.
The homework can be handed in on Monday
Practice Daily
Activity 1
Activity 2
Activity 3
Sight Words:
she, he, we, me, be, was

Letter Sounds:
Review: s, a,t, i, igh, oa
Theme Study -
Share your healthy pledge with your family.
Do the pledge together.
Math -
Measure the garden vegetables with paperclips.

Please return the paperclips on Monday.
Library Book - Read with your family.

Have your child help you read familiar words.

Dear Families,

Next week we will be talking about, “Taking Care of Our Earth”. We will be giving back to the community by cleaning up the trash at the park we often visit. If you could please send in a pair of work gloves by TUESDAY.

Kindest regards,


Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear families,

This week we learned a lot about how plants grow and where our food comes from.

In math we measured how tall we are and talked about as we get older we continue to grow just like plants. It was fun measuring our friends and comparing our heights. 

To wrap up our week the students went shopping at the vegetable stand. Then, together we made some coleslaw (see the recipe below). 

We continue to review sounds from, Jolly Phonics; ai and ee (click the sound to listen to the song). 


1. Enjoy reading your library book together.

2. Go shopping with mom or dad to find the fruit that matches your assigned color on the, Eat the Rainbow Fruit Salad homework paper. 

3. Finish coloring and reading your sight word books me and we.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome to Ms. Kriston's Kindergarten - A blog!

The students were very excited to meet their new friends and help them with our daily school routines.  

Please check your emails for information about the ICF which is coming up soon. 

Homework can be found in the Friday folder. 

  • You can read the flip books he and she with your child.  

  • In Social studies we have been discussing win-win scenarios. The children have all drawn something they would like. There is a space for parents to draw something they would like too. You can discuss with your child how you can work together so that you can both get what you want. 

  • Together you can read and look at the pictures of the library book. 

Please empty the folder and complete the homework with your child. Please return the empty folder on Monday.

If your child did not receive one of the following items above in their Friday homework folder, then it means that they were not quiet finished. 

Have a great weekend. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

JAL newsletter - March

In Japan, We  have a girls’ festival in March 3rd called ‘Hinamatsuri’
We sang the Hinamatsuri song to learn the culture.
We made the ‘Ohinasama’ using origami.
We read the story called ’Kao kao donna kao’ that learn the adjectives.
And we practiced the adjectives.

Have a good spring break.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Dear Families,

This week we were learning all about dinosaurs.

Our friends brought in many great books, figurines, and stories about dinosaurs that helped answer our questions.

 We learned about how scientist discovered dinosaurs.  How fossils helped the scientist learn more about dinosaurs and how they lived.  Then, printed our own fossils using salt dough, figurine dinosaurs, and plants. Some students made footprints and found that dinosaurs have different shaped footprints. Some dinosaurs had sharp points to protect their bodies. We looked very closely and noticed different designs and shapes on our prints.

I made T-Rex foot prints!

I made a fossil of a plant!

Look at T-Rex's head print!

The dinosaurs have different foot prints!

I am making a T-Rex print.

This dinosaur has many sharp points! Look at the print it made.

I like the plant print!

My dinosaur was walking!

Before we could print we had to make our dough soft by kneading it. 

I am looking at how T-Rex and Brontosaurus heads are different. 

I like the footprints the Brontosaurus makes.

I made a plant print. The Brontosaurus likes plants!

I found the print I want to keep!

I want to keep this print!

I made footprints!

During out week we also had Drizon Day. We celebrated by going to the log house and participating in different activities with our friends. 

The floor was a little cold for our bare feet.

We discussed about why we don't see any dinosaurs alive today.  We shared some ideas that scientists think happened to the dinosaur such as; volcano explosion, or a comet or asteroid hit the Earth. We became scientists and worked in small groups to make our own volcano to study. 

Then in art, we made some volcanoes. We blew into straws to move our lava around our paper. It was so much fun!

 Next week we will be our science celebration week. We have a few fun activities planned such as;

  • Monday: What is Science? 
  • Tuesday: Becoming a Scientist
  • Wednesday: Little Scientists Day - Some of our families volunteered to give us a science demonstration.
  • Thursday: A Special Guest - A science teacher will be visiting to talk more about science. 
  • Friday: Our trip to the museum 

A friendly reminder that our field trip permission form and money is due on Monday, March 13th. In order to access the permission form you must be signed in to your Horizon Gmail account.